Parks – Click above park icon’s for addresses

pinkicon Russell Road Recreation Complex (RR)
5901 E Russell Rd, Henderson, NV 89015

blueicon Desert Breeze Park (DB)
8275 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147

purpleicon Big League Dreams

Crosley / Angel /Fenway / Dodger / Yankee / Wrigley
3151 E Washington Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

greenicon Arroyo Grande Sports Complex (AG)
298 N Arroyo Grande Blvd, Henderson, NV 89014

Cheyenne Sports Complex (Chey)
3500 E Cheyenne Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89030

Shadow Rock (SR)
2650 Los Feliz St, Las Vegas, NV 89156

Sunset Park (SS)
2601 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120

 Click Me For More Sunset Info as We have 2 Complexes

Rules & Guidelines

All Players must have legal photo ID on them at all times! All teams and players be prepared for ID checks and be legal! We don’t accept any cheating and will be checking rosters

You must bring legal  team for the division you entered

Reminder: $150 deposit (it is not refundable) 

Do not pay us if  not 100% coming – we don’t want flakey teams!

Basic AWS Rules Click Me To View

HOST HOTELS: Teams Must book a minimum of 3 rooms and show us confirmation or add $100 to entry fee (Must use our Host Hotels and  Group Codes) 


Men’s & Women’s Military:

Military Varsity A


1 Civilian

1 Government Contractor

Dependents or Female service member

Active Duty Soldiers

Retired Veterans

National Guardsmen

Reservists of all branches

DD214 holders with honorable or with honorable condition discharge can play.


Ranked Conference level, A and B players must play in the A Division NO EXCEPTIONS! 

No teams will be allowed to play if they are only made up of government contractors it takes away from military athletes.

Military Varsity B teams 

Must be from a BASE TEAM or Battalion Level or Company Level team as long as all players are from that base, battalion or company no outside players from other bases. It has to be Base,Battalion,Company level pure Varsity B players ranked C or lower.

1 Civilian non military player

1 Government Contractor

Defendants or Female service member

DD 214 holders with honorable or under honorable conditions can play

Retires as long as they are within  a Base,Battalion or Company level team meaning they have to live within the boundaries of that base no out of state players.

National Guardsmen Or Reservists

National Guard and Reservist can play with a B team as long as they are from that state or within the boundaries of a Base,Battalion,or Company no exemptions

(It does not matter how far your team has come if you do not go by these rules your team will not be allowed to play)

If you have any questions please contact

Retired SFC George Martinez 623-337-2330

(Bring Military ID we will check be checking so come legal)


ALL TEAMS Must Have AWS on-line roster , print, sign, have players sign and turn in to us in Vegas before you play!

Tournament Rules & Guidelines 

Basic AWS Rules Click Me To View

Special Event Rules:

All Teams must pay any balance owed along with signed on-line roster/waiver

At least 30 minutes before first scheduled game on Saturday


Run / Mercy Rule:  15 runs after 5

Game Times: 60 minute – Championship game is 70 minutes

Home team and umpire are responsible for keeping score


To add a player, they must arrive before their turn in the lineup and be on roster. If you have to play

shorthanded, no automatic out will be given


All Teams must add roster on line @

$100 cash (must protest before game ends)


All game times, are approximate start times – be prepared to start 15 minutes early!

If disputes or problems arise, only managers can talk to umpires or director. If manager is unsure on a ruling from umpire find the on –site TD immediately~! don’t wait until the game ends


Not Mandatory, but suggested

This Event Is Stay and Play: Must Book Hotels through our siteand team’s Must Use Our Group/Promotional Codes When Booking (3 rooms minimum per team) otherwise add $100 to tournament entry fee.

Parks Rules ( unless park has other rules posted)

No dogs / No scooters /No Bikes / No skateboards / No alcohol

No glass containers/ No sunflower seeds

Entry/Pull-Out Fees
• No teams are guaranteed a spot into this year’s Las Vegas Worlds until we receive $150 Non Refundable deposit or full entry fee.

We do sell out! 1st to pay = 1st to play!

  • $150 is a Non Refundable amount for us to guarantee  a spot for your team, balance owed for entry fee can be paid on-line before November 20th, by check by November 10th, or cash at the fields• If you pullout after we start working brackets or after we are sold out – You will not receive any refund amount ,and if you only paid a deposit you will still owe the remaining balance – unless we finda replacment team! If you pay and pull out earlier then November 10th youwill get refund minus $150 NR Deposit
  • All World Sports reserves the right to modify game times, tournament location and or structure due to field conditions, time constraints, safety issues, park rental issues, team count or inclement weather

Rain-Out Policy – Once a game starts it is considered to be a game played

Based on total entry fee

0 games played 75% refund
1 Game Played 50% refund
2 Games Played 25% refund
3 Games Played 0% Refund

  • Tournament Director reserves the right to modify game times, playing location or tourney structure due to: field conditions, time constraints, safety issues, team count or inclement weather