Open, 40’s & Military: Divisions will be 2 day events Saturday & Sunday with Sunday Night Championships 

E & D: Divisions will be 3 day events Saturday-Monday With Championships around 4:00 PM 

  • Divisions will conflict and be at different parks throughout the Vegas area it will be hard to play on 2 teams- Also you can only play on 1 Team if same gender – example if playing Men’s D you can’t play Men’s E or Open etc.

Teams must add roster on line @:

*If you have already registered and created your team or have UN & PW you can simply just log at Manager section, create and add roster Print roster when ready,have players sign and turn in at the Fields Saturday before you play!

3  Game Guarantee:

Divisions with 40 teams or more may be split into 2 brackets with winners of each playing 1 final game.

Do teams need to qualify to play:

No but you must fit the USSSA matrix/ team ranking and enter a legal team according to our rules and team matrix. (find more info at the Parks/Rules page)

Can we pick up players from any team or state:

Yes as long as you fit our rules and matrix- It’s December so you can put throw-together team in

Do we have to pay the $35 Annual Registration fee:

Yes or we can’t accept you, as our Insurance / Corporation will not allow

teams who are not part of AWS to participate Reg fee is (Non Refundable))

How many teams does LVW’s draw:

 The event continues to grow you can expect 400 plus teams total

Teams are not guaranteed a spot unless you pay before we are sold out!(get confirmation that you are in before spending money on flights and hotels)

Is there a managers meeting:

No – But we have Friday eve Meet and Greet to ask Questions along with early Team Check-in,For $ale Gear and a MONSTER HOMERUN DERBY at Sunset Park

Or you can Check in 30 minutes before your 1st game with the on-site field director, turn in signed roster and any balance owed in cash.


Not Mandatory, but suggested Please wear #’s on your Jersy and try to match

Are there roster checks:

Yes it may not be every game but at random:

All players must have legal photo ID on them at all times that match names on roster.

Once roster is turned in before 1st game you can’t add anymore players ( make sure all players are on roster before 1st game If needed players who are late can sign later before they play – But not be added)

What Kind of balls do you use / do teams have to buy balls:

We use Dudley 44/375’s – and will supply only 4 balls per team upon team check-in

Teams must shag your own or purchase new balls from us for $5 Dudley Thunder (44/375) or 5 for $20/ $5  Dudley Advance 40 & Over’s Only (44/375)

You may also bring your own Dudley Balls as long as they are same as ours- Thunder & Advance Dudleys

(Write team name on all your balls)

What Kind of Bats can we use:

Bats must have new USSSA stamp / No fastpitch, baseball bats, etc

Men’s 40 & Overs = Senior Bats OK!

Pitching info:

All Pitchers must wear protective Mask

4-10 ft strike zone pumping allowed and all pitchers must wear mask or helmet /No pumping in 40’s with 6-12 with a Mat

DHH Rule:

We do not use this rule

What park does our division play at:

Park Locations = TBD as we get closer to the event date and have a better handle on final team counts per division

(always check master brackets at fields as some teams may have to play overflow at a different park)

Military A =

Military B =

Military Women’s =

Men’s E =

Coed E =

Coed D =

Women’s Open  =

Men’s D =

40 & Over Major =

40 & Over AAA =

Men’s Open =

COED Open =

Women’s Open =

Women’s D =

More Info

1st to pay = 1st to play:

$200 deposit (it is non refundable) $35 AWS Annual Reg fee is Non Refundable

Balance can be paid on-line by November 22d or CASH at Fields

Do not pay us – If  not 100% coming – we don’t want flakey teams!

We do not supply 1st Aid or 1st Aid gear- we strongly suggest you bring your own 1st aid kit, ice packs etc.

Do not contact us for on-line help the week of event we are to busy!

Host Hotel Deals: We have  many choices at the must stay Las Vegas Worlds Host Hotels – click Hotel link and save now!

Teams Must book a minimum of 3 rooms and show us confirmation or add $100 to entry fee ( Must use our Host Hotels and Group Codes)

Umpires: We we use 1 Man system – but we will use 2 man for semi’s and finals – (Not Guaranteed, but likely)

1st Aid: (We Do Not Supply) –  Please bring your own 1st Aid Kits, Ice packs and any other safety related items


Pre & Post Tournament Contact:

Jay Zetz  ( )



SF George Martinez


Also check website for info and updates

During Tournament:

Talk to on-site director with any questions or issues

Also check website for info and updates

Friday Night 4:30 pm @ Sunset Park:

Team Check-in with HOMERUN DERBY,Give-Away’s, Exclusive Gear For $ale, Meet and Greet & More

Lower HR Derby & Upper – Women’s can join and hit from Pitchers Mound but women’s is not a separate contest

D and Below rated players and C and above rated players (Bring ID’s to HR Derby) estimating giving away 10 New Bats & MORE Swag on Friday Night

$20 HR DERBY entry sign up Friday at Sunset Park Fields 13 & 14 (get directions under Info links Park Page for Sunset park- / Early Bird Give-Aways for all team managers Friday at the Park come pay balance owed for Las Vegas Worlds

We will also have exclusive Gear For $ale and specials you can only purchase Friday along with all other FANTASTIC Las Vegas Worlds Gear- Come get em Friday before your sizes run out!

 Sunset Park (SS)
2601 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Click Me For More Sunset Info as We have 2 Complexes

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