Getting Started / Entered: 

Friday Dec 1st 5:00pm @  Sunset Park Early Team Check-in with a MONSTER HOMERUN DERBY- Gear For $Sale Meet and Greet & More

Open – 40’s and Military: Divisions will be 2 day events Saturday & Sunday with Sunday night Championships 

E & D: Divisions will be 3 day events Saturday-Monday With Championships around 3:30-4PM PM

  • Divisions will conflict and be at different parks throughout the Vegas area it will be hard to play on 2 teams- Also you can only play on 1 Team if same gender – example if playing Men’s D you can’t play Men’s E or Open etc.

Please go to – “Annual Registration”  Please register as a team manager.

Then select Manager Login and use the username and password you just created to log in.

On the left of screen you have option to create your team(s), and enter the tournament

*If you have already registered and created your team you can simply just log in and enter, Create and add roster etc.Print roster when ready ,have players sign and turn in at the Fields before you play!

All Teams must add roster on line at

3  Game Guarantee :

Divisions with 40 teams or more may be split into 2 brackets with winners of each playing 1 final game.

Do teams need to qualify to play?

No but you must fit the USSSA matrix/ team ranking and enter a legal team according to our rules and team matrix. (find info at the Parks/Rules page)

Can we pick up players from any team or state ?

Yes as long as you fit our rules and matrix- It’s December so you can put throw-together team in

Do we have to pay the  Annual Registration fee ?

Yes or we can’t accept you, as our Insurance / Corporation will not allow

teams who are not part of AWS to participate

Why are Open and 40 Divisions $495 and others $395

Longer Game times and less Teams- Yet Still BIG AWARDS

What exact park does our division play at?

Coming early November when we get a grasp on team count

We have great parks throughout the Vegas area

How many teams does LVW’s draw?

 The event continues to grow you can expect 350 -400 teams total

Is there a managers meeting?

No – But we have Friday eve Meet and Greet to ask Questions along with early Team Check-in,For $ale Gear and a MONSTER HOMERUN DERBY at Sunset Park

Or you can Check in one hour before your 1st game with the on-site field director, turn in signed roster.


Not Mandatory, but suggested Please wear #’s on your Jersies

Are there roster checks ?

Yes it may not be every game but at random:

All players must have legal photo ID on them at all times that match names on roster.

What Kind of balls do you use / do teams have to buy balls?

We use mostly Dudley 44/375’s – and will supply only 2 balls per game

Teams must shag them or purchase new balls from us for $4- $5 for 40 & Overs or throw in your own (No ZN’s or Stadium Balls)

What Kind of Bats can we use ?

Bats must have new USSSA stamp / No fastpitch, baseball bats, etc

Men’s 40 & Overs = Senior Bats OK!

Pitching info

4-10 ft strike zone pumping allowed and all pitchers must wear mask or helmet

More Info

1st to pay = 1st to play

Pay Online or mail check or money order to All World Sports:

1079 Sunrise Ave Suite B-330 Roseville, CA 95661

(Checks Must Be In Our Hand by November 5th)

*Make sure to include note with team name, division and tournament name.

 $100 deposit (it is non refundable) 

Do not pay us if  not 100% coming – we don’t want flakey teams!

Host Hotel Deals – We have the best deals and many choices at the must stay Las Vegas Worlds Host Hotels – click Hotel link and save now!

Teams Must book a minimum of 3 rooms and show us confirmation or add $100 to entry fee ( Must use our Host Hotels and Group Codes)


Pre & Post Tournament Contact:

Jay Zetz



SF George Martinez


Also check website for info and updates

During Tournament:

Talk to on-site director with any questions or issues

Also check website for info and updates

*Divisions will conflict it is very hard to play on 2 teams